EVERY client is required to attend the MORNING MEDITATION EVERYDAY. _______

The MORNING MEDITATION is conducted everyday at 8:00 am. _______

It is the CLIENTS RESPONSIBILITY to NOTIFY the meditation leader the NIGHT BEFORE if he is scheduled to work or otherwise cannot attend the MORNING MEDITATION (documentation may be requested for any excused absence). _______

MORNING MEDITATION shall be lead by clients. Each client shall be responsible for leading MORNING MEDITATION for one week on a rotating schedule. _______

The client leading MORNING MEDITATION shall document that all clients are present ( or otherwise accounted for) and read from 24 Hours A Day,  Just For Today  or Daily Reflections and lead 5 minutes of silent meditation. _______

If a client is not present the House Manager and staff must be notified at once. _______

The House Manager and/or Peer Leader must attend MORNING MEDITATION. _______

Failure to attend MORNING MEDITATION and/or being late for MORNING MEDITATION may result in a fine or other disciplinary action, including discharge from the ROOTS IN RECOVERY Program. _______


CLIENT SIGNATURE: _______________________ DATE: ____/____/____